16 small animal chew toys


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16 Well Assorted Chew Toys – Provide lots of fun for your lovely pets. The packing list contains 5 Timothy hay sticks, 4 heart grass cake flavors, 4 loofah toys, 1 big corns, 1 grass white carrot, 1 grass red carrot. Your rabbit will have a great time chewing on them
Improve Dental Health of Small Animals – Chew toys are good for teeth and can be chewed safely. Rodent teeth constantly grow, grind teeth, help molar and intestinal health, relieve intestinal inflammation.
High Quality Safe Materials – All materials are hand-picked quality. Timothy Hay Grass is high in fiber and very easy to digest, so it’s great for your pets. Hay meals are high in fiber, which can promote intestinal motility in small animals. Radish and corn are also made of grass fiber, which is very helpful for growing teeth of small animals.
Perfect Gifts for Small Pets – 1-2 pcs fed per day. you can put these chew toys in a cage and let them adapt for a while, they will slowly try to chew on them. Every pet will love these chew toys. They are also perfect gifts for animal lovers, friends and family.


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